Special attention in the deployment of cutting-edge incentives (wearable computing, gamified working experience) will be given towards further increase of attractiveness to the younger generation.

Adaptive and augmented reality interfaces

SatisFactory will enable communication of information and knowledge among factory actors, either at their workplaces or on the move, using wearable and adaptive devices such as augmented reality glasses. Employing of the human-centered design techniques will ensure the development of an optimal working experience. Thus, SatisFactory will bring novel interaction and collaboration technologies to the shop floor, improving overall working experience and thereby increasing workers’ productivity. This and the application of cutting-edge wearable and ubiquitous technologies will make manufacturing ambient environments more attractive to younger workers.

In order to facilitate the development of the final system, SatisFactory will utilise already available partners’ tools, such as:

  • Modern Human-Machine Interfaces (HMIs) and Augmented Reality Glasses prototypes
  • Interaction techniques and ubiquitous interfaces

These components provide key characteristics for the adoption of the system by industry and employees since they promise a smooth integration into the user’s workflow.


augmented reality glasses glassup