Smart Sensors Network for industrial applications

SatisFactory will introduce a network of smart sensors to collect multi-modal data from the shop floor, as relates to thermal and optical data of production outputs, workplace occupancy data, numeric measurements such as temperature, acceleration, vibration, and distension. The input data streams will be aggregated and processed, creating a semantically enhanced base of knowledge, which can be finally utilized to extract intra-factory information concerning production facilities and procedures (machineries, processes, products, production lines, workplaces) and to monitor in real-time the evolving production processes, diagnose problems, flaws and malfunctions (e.g. problems to intermediate or final product). Other actions made possible by parsed data regard properly re-adaptation of the production facilities (e.g. automatic calibration or adjustment of facility operating parameters).

Context-aware control of shop floor production facilities 

Collected dynamic data will be combined with static data describing the production environment, in order to understand the evolution of workplace occupancy and to predict future needs. The workplace occupancy model will support planning and balancing the workload density more efficiently (balance across available workers in each shift, balance according to production demand highs/lows, etc.). The context-aware control of shop floor production facilities will increase productivity and flexibility in use of shop floor resources

Towards fulfilling these objectives, SatisFactory will utilise the outcomes of partners’ related projects and tools, such as:

  • Robust wireless interconnection of sensors
  • Middleware developments
  • Semantics and context-aware shop floor analysis
  • Predicting human behaviour in controlled environments
  • Control and re-adaptation of production facilities