SatisFactory Project Final Workshop

Towards the end of the project, on the 15th of December 2017, the SatisFactory Project Final Workshop was organised in order to present the latest achievements of the project to selected stakeholders and stimulate networking and synergies, with a view to enabling the continuous dissemination and exploitation of the project’s results after the end of the project.
In particular, the scope of the SatisFactory Project Final Workshop was to showcase the project’s final achievements to representatives of similar initiatives and selected experts in the field, in order to collect valuable feedback and suggestions for future improvements, by means of tangible demonstrations of the SatisFactory solutions, as deployed in the industrial environment of COMAU S.p.A.
The first part of the Workshop included an overview of the SatisFactory project, presentations of other similar H2020 initiatives that share the same goals and aspirations for human-centric technologies, as well as a presentation about EFFRA and the ConnectedFactories CSA. The second part was dedicated to live demonstrations of the SatisFactory applications deployed in COMAU S.p.A.
The Workshop was attended by members of the SatisFactory End-Users Advisory Group, as well as representatives of EFFRA and of similar H2020 projects (Factory2FitA4BLUEFACTS4WORKERSMANUWORK), who in the end were also asked to provide their valuable feedback, not only on the presented technologies and the expected benefits, but also on the exploitation and commercialization perspectives of these solutions.
The received feedback shows that the demonstrated solutions were well received for their capability to support on-the-job training, knowledge sharing, tasks’ performance and incident detection, while their main added value was considered to be the unique combination of the integrated technologies. Various ideas were also expressed for the business models that could be potentially applicable for their commercial exploitation.
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