SatisFactory at “2017 Researcher’s Night” in Thessaloniki, Greece

Τhe “2017 Researcher’s Night” held in Thessaloniki, Greece, was organised by CERTH and took place on September 29 at the city’s Music Hall. Lots of researchers participated and a great number of people of all ages attended the event.

The Researchers Night is a European initiative held every year in 300 cities, aiming to bring researchers closer to the society. The event includes multiple presentations, interactive experiments, activities for children, music, contests and more.

This year, the project coordinator, namely CERTH/ITI, demonstrated SatisFactory’s achievements, and especially the on-the-job training technologies with Augmented Reality, using the see-through head-mounted displays. In the framework of the event, Mr. Dimosthenis Ioannidis, researcher and project’s coordinator representative, talked to Deutsche Welle about the SatisFactory project  and its applications and explained how they can facilitate collaboration and communication among employees in the working environment of a factory: “AR glasses ease the communication among the employees inside a factory, especially when a problem is detected in a distant area. Moreover, the available multimedia tools provide the employees with a continuously updated user manual”. But do such advanced technologies lead to job losses? “ On the contrary! The use of such technologies creates new jobs in new fields and the working environment becomes more joyful and efficient due to stress reduction and fewer hours of training seminars.”, as Mr. Ioannidis explained. Finally, Mr. Ioannidis referred to the SatisFactory spin-off that has already been established in Italy, aiming at commercially exploiting specific applications developed within the project.


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