Press Release: The European project SatisFactory managed to make a great contribution in the industrial modernization that leads to Factories of the Future!

The SatisFactory Project consortium joined its efforts to create an industrial working environment able to attract a new generation of workers and to facilitate the transition of the current generation from the traditional industrial environments to the Factories of the Future. Increased safety, improvement of the working conditions, use of cutting edge technology in direct communication, encouragement of the workers to propose changes, advanced decision support, as well as high motivation by means of gamified procedures are just some of the achieved goals of the project, which concluded in having a positive effect to the concept of Industry 4.0.

The innovative products and software developed by SatisFactory Project partners were deployed and piloted in Italy and Greece. 

Read the press release dedicated to the pilot deployment in SUNLIGHT.

SatisFactory_Press_release (EN)

SatisFactory_Press_release (GR)

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