The project mission

The mission of the SatisFactory project is to provide solutions for context-aware control and re-adaptation of industrial production facilities for increased productivity and flexibility in use of shop floor resources.

Data will be collected by a network of smart sensors, processed by a centralized analysis system and ultimately redistributed to the concerned operatives via augmented reality glasses and other connected interfaces. The elaboration of a collaboration platform will increase real-time knowledge sharing. Gamification approaches will be implemented to improve the attractiveness of the assembly lines. Improved shop floor feedback will enable a better decision making for gains in productivity, workers wellbeing and comfort.

This set of cutting-edge technologies will provide labourers with real-time informational support for incident management, maintenance and training.

After being tested successfully in three industrial pilot plants, from the automotive and energy factory sectors, in Greece and Italy, the solutions will de deployed to other large-scale industrial facilities in Europe.