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Press Release – 1st SatisFactory deployment and new spin-off establishment!


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Press Release

SatisFactory is an Horizon 2020 project launched in January 2015, with the aim to develop attractive, productive and collaborative workplaces with augmented reality and other innovative technologies for Factories of the Future.

SatisFactory announces the first successful implementation of its innovative solution in CERTH/CPERI’s industrial plant.

The first pilot implementation in a continuous processes environment, namely the fully operational industrial plant of CERTH/CPERI, was based on real case business scenarios performed by selected groups of workers, which were mainly focused on enabling online supervision of the plant’s operation and human resources, incidents’ detection, as well as path optimization for the personnel’s movements in the shop floor. To support these business scenarios, key SatisFactory components were integrated, providing wearable and ubiquitous computing (AR glasses, smart sensors, localisation devices, gesture and content recognition modules), intelligent decision support (iDSS, plant data exchange component, HR workload balancing component), augmented reality assistance (AR platform), as well as efficient collaboration and knowledge transfer with gamification (collaboration platform with gamification elements).

Applying a human-centred evaluation methodology, the first feedback collected from the end-users shows more than 80% satisfaction for the solution’s usability and capability of integrating and sharing the shop floor knowledge and know-how among all factory actors.

The findings of the first pilot implementation paved the way for the forthcoming large-scale deployment of the SatisFactory tools in another two industries, covering discrete manufacturing (COMAU S.p.A, member of the FIAT Group) and batch products manufacturing (SUNLIGHT Systems S.A.).

press release

Taking advantage of the cutting-edge knowledge and tools developed within SatisFactory, two project partners announce the establishment of an innovative spin-off company.

“Farextra”, officially founded on 01/03/2017 by CERTH/ITI and Regola Srl, specializes in providing end-to-end software solutions, as well as consulting services, in the fields of on-the-job training, real-time emergency response and augmented assistance, 3D object detection and recognition, as well as localisation and real-time data overlay.

Targeting customers ranging from manufacturing, maintenance and construction to ship building and aeronautics, Farextra aims to provide useful insights, reveal hidden correlations and facilitate the behavioural analysis of the input data in real time, using data minimization approaches. Its main offering is a VR/AR based software platform for training personnel on manufacturing, maintenance, process operations and support, with the innovative ability to present 3D animated operation of factory components and simulate the assembly and disassembly of mechanical parts, with direct verification of the trainees’ actions via gesture and object recognition modules.

To learn more about the SatisFactory project, visit and follow us in social media (FB: SatisFactory H2020 Project, Twitter: SatisFactoryEU, LinkedIn: SatisFactory H2020 Project, YouTube: SatisFactory Project).

Project Coordinator: Dr. Dimitrios Tzovaras, Director of CERTH/ITI – Tel.: +30 2310 257777 – e-mail:


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Investigating the application of SatisFactory tools in the supply chain sector

CERTH and the Department of Logistics in the Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia (TEICM) co-organised the Scientific Research and Innovation Applications workshop on May 10th 2017, at the Open Days of TEICM held in Katerini.

The attendees of the workshop, mainly professors from the Department of Logistics, high school teachers, students, and private sector companies, had the opportunity to learn about the achievements of SatisFactory project, through several presentations covering the following topics:

  • Use of AR for industrial environments
    • On-the-job training: improve productivity and reduce training time by offering real-time guidelines to workers through the use of enhanced AR tools.
  • HR Optimization through the Re-adaptation toolkit
    • Finding the right person for the right job when needed, based on semantically enriched data that provide clearer view on the capability of available workers.
  • Demonstration of videos of a Business Scenario at CPERI
    • On-the-job training methodology using AR.

The event was finalised with a discussion on potential use of SatisFactory tools in the supply chain sector, focusing on product traceability: With a simple QR workers can identify the product, shipment information (origin, destination, names, etc.), as well as other useful characteristics (e.g. weight, dimensions, fragility, etc.) in real-time, simply by wearing a set of AR glasses and visualising all of the above, while being able to use their hands for doing their work.

SatisFactory in Fraunhofer IoT Innovation and Networking Days!

The IoT Innovation and Networking Days at Fraunhofer FIT give participants from research and industry the opportunity to meet face to face, exchange experience and discuss about ideas in a relaxed and open environment. Representatives from the European Commission, stakeholders from industry and research organizations provide insights to their working area and current research questions.

This year, the event was organised on 22 – 23 May, 2017. In the session about Smart Manufacturing and Sustainable Process Industry, the representative of the project coordinator Mr. Dimosthenis Ioannidis had the opportunity to discuss with other participants about the SarisFactory solution and to exploit possibilities for further research and applications of the SatisFactory tools in future projects.

Learn more about the event here.




SatisFactory in the IDTechEX Show!

SatisFactory participated in the IDTechEx Show held in Berlin, Germany on May 10-11 2017. The IDTechEx show is a technology event focused on end-users, connecting technology providers to customers. It presents the latest emerging technologies at one event, with nine concurrent conference tracks and a single exhibition covering 3D Printing, Electric Vehicles, Energy Harvesting, Energy Storage, Graphene, Internet of Things, Printed Electronics, Sensors & Wearable Technology.

SatisFactory was presented by the coordinator representative (CERTH) within a conference session dedicated to Augmented Reality and Wearables. The presentation was attended by approximately 100 industry representatives who were informed about the project’s achievements and also about the exploitation activities, with emphasis on the recently established spin-off “Farextra”.

Furthermore, CERTH and GlassUp had the opportunity to discuss about SatisFactory with the exhibition visitors, within GlassUp’s dedicated booth. Visitors took particular interest in the headmounted displays & localisation sensors integrated in the SatisFactory solution.

Learn more about the IDTechEx Show here.


4th Technology Forum, Thessaloniki – Share it 2grow!

The 4th Technology Forum “Share it 2grow”, organised in Thessaloniki, Greece, took place in the 17th of May 2017. The scope of this event was to bring together industrial bodies (ΙCΤ & other industries) and research organisations (Universities & Research Centres), with the aim to support collaboration for developing innovative products with international perspective.

In this context, the event included presentations of innovative technologies, such as advanced infrastructure and cloud services, applications and services for smartphone devices, advanced voice recognition techniques, advanced simulation techniques of systems and attitudes, image and video editing, etc. Furthermore, a Matchmaking Event was organised in collaboration with PRAXI Network (co-ordinator of Enterprise Europe Network – Hellas) where ATLANTIS and CERTH had the opportunity to present SatisFactory project, its goals and scope to other companies, which were particularly interested in the project’s automated support, indoor location and AR applications.

The Technology Forum is organised by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH), the Centre for Research & Technology Hellas (CERTH), the University of Macedonia (UoM), the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (FING), the International Hellenic University (IHU), the Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece (SEPVE) under the auspices of the Region of Central Macedonia (RCM), the General Secretariat for Research & Technology (GSRT), The Alexander Innovation Zone (AIZ), the Enterprise Greece (EG), the Thessaloniki Municipality and the Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (ATEITH).



5th Project Meeting in Turin, Italy

SatisFactory partners met for the 5th project meeting on the 28th-30th of March 2017, in Turin, Italy, hosted in the premises of ISMB.

Besides presenting and discussing the latest achievements and overall progress of the project, the meeting was focused on the preparation and organization of the pilot implementation within the 2 pilot industries in Italy and Greece, namely COMAU S.p.A and SUNLIGHT S.A.

To this end, technical sessions were held in parallel with the progress meeting, in order to enable technology providing partners and industrial partners to discuss and clarify issues related to the installation of the SatisFactory components, their integration with each other, as well as with the systems of the pilot industries.

In the meanwhile, CERTH and REGOLA had the opportunity to further discuss and design the next steps of the commercial exploitation of the SatisFactory AR Toolkit, through the establishment of the spin-off company FAREXTRA.

 collage 2

FAREXTRA: SatisFactory is announcing its newly established spin-off company!

Two partners of the SatisFactory project team recently established an innovative spin-off company, “Farextra”. Through their collaboration on VR/AR, operative procedure definition and on-the-job training components of the Satisfactory project, CERTH/ITI and Regola Srl identified their complementary expertise and potential for synergies and created a spin-off company to commercially exploit the relevant foreground.

Farextra, officially founded on 1/3/2017, is the spin-off company that aims to specialize in providing end-to-end software solutions, as well as consulting services, in the fields of on-the-job training, real-time emergency event response and augmented assistance, 3D object detection and recognition, as well as localization and real-time data overlay.

The main product to be offered by Farextra is a VR/AR based software platform for training personnel on manufacturing, maintenance, process operations and support. The platform can provide on-the-job training material covering traditional means, such as documents, images and video relevant to each step of an operating procedure, whereas its main novelty is the ability to present 3D animated operations of various components and simulate the assembly and disassembly of mechanical parts on-the-job, with direct verification of the trainees’ actions via gesture and object recognition modules.

Targeting stakeholders from a large inter-disciplinary pool, ranging from large manufacturing industries, maintenance companies, construction, shipbuilding and aeronautics, Farextra’s mission is to provide useful insights, reveal hidden correlations and facilitate the behavioural analysis of the input data in real time, using data minimization approaches.

Data collection and feedback session at CPERI’s industrial pilot plant

The 2nd Information and Data Collection session was held on January 25th 2017 at CERTH/CPERI, Thessaloniki, Greece. The SatisFactory tools installed and tested at the CPERI’s industrial pilot plant were presented, discussed and evaluated from workers and decision makers. The team collected valuable remarks, in order to form even more “SatisFactory” workplaces during the pilot operation at the other two pilot plants of the project, namely SUNLIGHT’s and COMAU’s industrial plants. Among others, users found that SatisFactory reduces the need for support and facilitates tasks’ execution effectively, as well as increases team spirit and safety and detects incidents successfully.

You may find detailed information about the system’s evaluation in the upcoming Final System Evaluation Report (December 2017).


Augmented Reality for Smart Factories Workshop

In the context of FoF-Impact Project, CRIT Srl organized the “Augmented Reality for Smart Factories” workshop on 15th December 2016, in Vignola (MO), Italy, with the aim to present the exploitable results of SatisFactory project to the local industrial ecosystem.

During this workshop four SatisFactory partners (Comau, Regola, GlassUP, and Istituto Superiore Mario Boella) had the opportunity to present the project and some particular results, while focusing on their tangible, exploitable outcome with the purpose to stimulate their industrial uptake.

Specifically, the project results that were presented were the following:

  • Wearable localization and comfort sensors
  • AR smart glasses for industrial use
  • Application of the project’s AR solutions in industrial automation systems

You may find the agenda of the workshop, along with the respective presentations here.

FoF-Impact is a two-year European project coordinated by EFFRA and funded through the Factories of the Future PPP (Grant agreement number 637212). FoF-Impact is a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) whose objective is to increase the impact of the European Union’s ‘Factories of the Future’ partnership under Horizon 2020. Indeed, FoF-Impact aims to speed up and increase the exploitation and up-take of ‘Factories of the Future’ project results.

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