Investigating the application of SatisFactory tools in the supply chain sector

CERTH and the Department of Logistics in the Technological Educational Institute of Central Macedonia (TEICM) co-organised the Scientific Research and Innovation Applications workshop on May 10th 2017, at the Open Days of TEICM held in Katerini.

The attendees of the workshop, mainly professors from the Department of Logistics, high school teachers, students, and private sector companies, had the opportunity to learn about the achievements of SatisFactory project, through several presentations covering the following topics:

  • Use of AR for industrial environments
    • On-the-job training: improve productivity and reduce training time by offering real-time guidelines to workers through the use of enhanced AR tools.
  • HR Optimization through the Re-adaptation toolkit
    • Finding the right person for the right job when needed, based on semantically enriched data that provide clearer view on the capability of available workers.
  • Demonstration of videos of a Business Scenario at CPERI
    • On-the-job training methodology using AR.

The event was finalised with a discussion on potential use of SatisFactory tools in the supply chain sector, focusing on product traceability: With a simple QR workers can identify the product, shipment information (origin, destination, names, etc.), as well as other useful characteristics (e.g. weight, dimensions, fragility, etc.) in real-time, simply by wearing a set of AR glasses and visualising all of the above, while being able to use their hands for doing their work.

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