Gathering feedback from SatisFactory pilot implementation at COMAU

An Information and Data Collection session was held on the 31st of August 2017 at COMAU’s premises in Torino, Italy, with the aim to evaluate the SatisFactory framework and solutions and gather feedback from this large industrial pilot end-user.

The data collection process was designed to capture practical evidence on how the technological solutions developed within SatisFactory respond to the end-user needs. This evidence is especially important for such a user-centered project like SatisFactory, which goes beyond just developing state-of-the-art technologies and focuses on the capability of these technologies to enable the users to work with more efficiency and satisfaction and to interact and collaborate better with their colleagues and the factory ecosystem.

At COMAU, the session started with an overview of the project, followed by presentations and demonstrations of the SatisFactory components, which helped the industrial personnel to get a better understanding with respect to the project’s innovations. The demo sessions, which took the form of a hands-on session with some glimpse of a “bring your own device” approach, triggered valuable interaction with COMAU’s decision makers and workers. In essence, the use cases selected for this specific demonstration with the help of COMAU’s innovation experts helped to gather heterogeneous kind of comments and important recommendations from the real end-users, aiming to enhance the tools’ usability, as well as the overall components’ interoperability, so as to improve the value of the SatisFactory ecosystem as a whole. The participants were also asked to complete relevant questionnaires, based on the well-defined evaluation methodology of the project.

The  Information and Data Collection session was attended mainly by young motivated professionals who perform duties in several departments of the company, acting as: innovation specialists, production managers, product managers, technical leaders and automation engineers. This variety enabled the collection of several viewpoints on the demonstrated tools and the high level of engagement of the end-users was the key for the success of the session.

In general, the developed applications were well received from the technological standpoint. The interest of the participants was evident and the questions risen helped in several ways not only to understand how the SatisFactory applications respond to their needs, but even to gather hints about the implementation of new features that could contribute to better shaping the components as complete and fully featured products, ready to be deployed in factories.

The recommendations and insights gathered will be evaluated in order to design further development steps and maximise the exploitation of the project results, which will be also boosted by Farextra, the spin-off of the project, founded by REGOLA and CERTH/ITI.

Similar data collection sessions have already been completed in the premises of the other two industrial pilot end-users, namely CERTH/CPERI and SUNLIGHT.




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