Improved shop floor feedback and decision making

Incident detection system

SatisFactory will support production line efficiency and workers’ safety and wellbeing and by providing incident detection capability on the shop floor (see: Video of Incident Detection). Incident detection will be performed by combining detection algorithms with location data, gesture recognition and event identification.

Decision support system

Decision making support will be integrated in SatisFactory, offering feedback to the shop floor in terms of actionable knowledge and recommendations, including maintenance operations and schedules. Augmented reality and visual analytic technologies will be combined to present different state-related views of the supervised shop floor and production operations, supporting comparative assessment of workers’ situation and production outputs, and suggesting role-based actions. This strategy aims to increase the overall productivity and to improve workers safety through the timely detection of anomalies and decision support to the shop floor.

Towards this direction, SatisFactory will use the outcomes of partners’ related projects and tools, such as:

  • Incident detection system
  • Decision support system (DSS)
  • Radio frequency localization system

decision support system