SatisFactory will create an environment stimulating team interactions and the continuous training of employees.

Collaboration tools in manufacturing industries

A social collaboration platform will be introduced, in which workers may exchange work knowledge, experiences and practices, as well as social and entertaining information when appropriate. A user-centred design process will assure the workers’ needs, their wellbeing, and their autonomy being prioritised. The situated collaboration platform will integrate and extend the training and educational environments already available by partners. The project will fuse automated training with employee interaction capabilities and create a layer of continuous support that can incorporate education in the industrial environment and promote innovation.

Creation and transfer of knowledge using augmented reality

SatisFactory will create a knowledge base to be exploited for the training of employees, linking in this way industry and education. Augmented reality technologies will be used for delivering interactive training services, within an attractive ambient environment. The SatisFactory services will increase the autonomy of workers, since educators may be present virtually, or at a distance, and workers may be in their usual workplace or on the move within the shop floor. In addition, the innovative solution will enable employees to become trainers, by facilitating the transfer of knowledge (i.e. older/younger, skilled/new). The “on-the-job” training will include “how-to” and “what-to-do” suggestions in different work situations, reaction to frequently encountered shop floor incidents, best practices for certain daily and periodic operations in the shop floor. Towards this direction, SatisFactory will use the outcomes of partners’ related projects and tools, such as the augmented reality environment of the existing product suite