• Satisfaction & Work Experience

    Making attractive and collaborative workplaces

  • Industry 4.0

    Introducing cutting-edge technologies in industrial production lines

  • Smart Factories

    Improving industrial efficiency and productivity

  • Augmented Reality for Industry

    Enriching worker's environment thanks to augmented reality glasses

satisfactory logoSatisFactory aims to contribute to the transformation of traditional industrial environments using cutting-edge technologies in ways that are both productive and appealing to workers. Solutions – including smart sensors and augmented-reality approaches – will be demonstrated in pilot factories in Italy and Greece.

Discover the SatisFactory Project – How to Create a Smart Factory?

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New SatisFactory promo video with demo material!

SatisFactory has recently launched a new promo video explaining the achievements of the project and demonstrating its innovative solutions for […]

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Augmented Reality tools in vocational and on-the-job training - European Digital Learning Network Annual Conference

The European Digital Learning Network – DLEARN – aims to embrace the challenges brought by the digital transformation in terms […]

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SatisFactory will be there at the Researcher's Night 2017 in Thessaloniki!

On Friday September 29th 2017, SatisFactory will be presented at the “2017 Researcher’s Night” in Thessaloniki, Greece, which will be […]

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“Manufacturing enterprises need to incorporate human-centric technologies on one hand to increase their competitiveness and on the other to offer a working environment that is knowledge-driven and attractive to employees.”
Dr. Dimitrios Tzovaras, Coordinator of SatisFactory (CERTH/ITI)