• Satisfaction & Work Experience

    Making attractive and collaborative workplaces

  • Industry 4.0

    Introducing cutting-edge technologies in industrial production lines

  • Smart Factories

    Improving industrial efficiency and productivity

  • Augmented Reality for Industry

    Enriching worker's environment thanks to augmented reality glasses

satisfactory logoSatisFactory aims to contribute to the transformation of traditional industrial environments using cutting-edge technologies in ways that are both productive and appealing to workers. Solutions – including smart sensors and augmented-reality approaches – will be demonstrated in pilot factories in Italy and Greece.

Discover the SatisFactory Project – How to Create a Smart Factory?

Latest News!

Data collection and feedback session at CPERI's industrial pilot plant

The 2nd Information and Data Collection session was held on January 25th 2017 at CERTH/CPERI, Thessaloniki, Greece. The SatisFactory tools […]

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Invitation to "Augmented Reality for Smart Factories" Workshop

CRIT Srl is pleased to invite you to its workshop on “Augmented Reality for Smart Factories”, organized within FoF-Impact Project, […]

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A journey into European factories of the future: the best Horizon 2020 projects are visiting Graz!

The SatisFactory project will be presented in Graz on December 1st 2016, where coordinators of Horizon 2020 projects will present […]

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“Manufacturing enterprises need to incorporate human-centric technologies on one hand to increase their competitiveness and on the other to offer a working environment that is knowledge-driven and attractive to employees.”
Dr. Dimitrios Tzovaras, Coordinator of SatisFactory (CERTH/ITI)